403 Forbidden error

Why do I get a "403 Forbidden" or "[Errno 111] Connection refused" error when accessing a website from PythonAnywhere?

Free accounts' internet access goes via a proxy "whitelist". Here is the list of sites currently allowed:


We operate this to prevent malicious users from using our site to hack into and spam other websites. Paid-for accounts don't have this limitation, because we can connect them to real people. Spammers and criminals prefer to be anonymous, so we figure they're unlikely to sign up for paid accounts here.

We will only whitelist sites that have a public, documented API. If you would like us to whitelist a site, send us a link to the API documentation that clearly shows the domain that the API is served from.

[Errno 111] Connection refused

This error suggests that either the library you're using doesn't support using a proxy, or that it needs to be configured to use a proxy. Have a look at the docs for the library to determine which it is and consider raising an issue with the project about proxy support.

Proxy Details

In order to make a connection to a whitelisted site, you will need to connect through our proxy server. This is an HTTP proxy at proxy.server:3128. Most Python libraries recognise and use the setting that we supply (for instance, with requests, you don't need to do anything special), others need to be specifically configured to use the proxy (check the documentation of the library to find out how) and some don't work through the proxy at all (for instance, any library that uses httplib2 on Python 3 e.g. twilio)