Disk Quota

You can view your current disk quota and the amount used on the Files tab.

From time to time you'll find yourself looking at an error message in a console saying:

Disk quota exceeded

And wonder why? Where did all my space go?

(if you were running a script via Python, it might come in the form of an OSError)

How to find what's using up all your space

Open up a Bash console and use the du ("disk-usage") to find out how much space is being used in various places in your file storage:

du -hs /tmp ~/.[!.]* ~/* | sort -h

Cleaning up unused files

The files in /tmp/ are the most common cause of an unexpected quota max-out. It's usually safe to just delete them all:

rm -rf /tmp/*

You can also clean up any old, unused virtualenvs with rmvirtualenv my-old-venv-name.

Other tips for freeing up disk space:

  • Uninstall python packages you don't need anymore with pipX.Y uninstall <package name> --user (replacing the X.Y with the Python version you installed the packages for -- for example, 3.7)
  • Delete your cache files with rm -rf ~/.cache/*