Fonts in rendered output

Some packages (like matplotlib and bokeh, for example) use the fonts that are installed on the operating system to render their output and so there may be cases where the fonts in your output do not look the way you expect.

There are already a large number of fonts installed on PythonAnywhere. You can see a list of them by running

fc-list : family style spacing

in a Bash console. The name in front of the colon on each line is the name that you can use to load and use the font in your program.

If you want to use a particular font or a custom one, you can install TrueType fonts for your account.

Installing TrueType fonts

  • Copy the *.ttf files that define the font into ~/.fonts
  • Run

    fc-cache -f -v

    in a Bash console

  • The new font should be available so that you can use it.