Courses and other learning materials

Courses and other learning materials

Here is a selection of courses and other learning materials that we either know are good or that our users have told us are worth doing.


kikodo provide a range of free and paid courses in the basics of Python.

Django for Everybody by Chuck Severance

Chuck's courses are great and we highly recommend them! Django for everybody is a great option for learning, well, Django :-) It's also available on Coursera.

Django Girls

Django Girls is an organisation devoted to running workshops introducing women to programming, and if you are interested in doing one of them, check out their website.

Even if you're not able to go to one of their workshops, their online Django tutorial is an excellent introduction to Django for anyone of any gender.

Udemy courses

We haven't tried these ourselves, but people have written to us recommending them:

Code First Girls

Code First Girls provide a range of courses to women and non-binary people in the UK.