Requesting Whitelist additions

Why do we have a whitelist?

Our whitelist is in place to prevent malicious users from using free accounts to hack into and generally spam other websites anonymously.

It does not apply to paid accounts, as we can link them to real people via the payment details -- so they have unrestricted Internet access.

Requesting an addition to the whitelist

We only whitelist sites that have an official, public, documented API -- ie, sites that are designed and intended for machine consumption rather than human consumption.

If you would like us to whitelist a site, send us an email or feedback request, including:

  • a link to the API documentation. Particularly to documentation that states the domain where the API is published.
  • the domain or domains (including subdomains) that the API is served from.

GitLab instances

GitLab instances are a special case; we are currently allowing the whitelisting of any GitLab instance if it has public repositories available on it -- even if it doesn't allow people in general to sign up for accounts.

If you would like a GitLab instance to be whitelisted, send us a link to a public repository hosted there.