SSH Access

If you have a paid-for PythonAnywhere account, you can access it via ssh. Here's how:

From a command line with ssh installed

ssh <username>

The server's fingerprint is:


NB: <username> is your PythonAnywhere username -- not your email address. It's also case-sensitive, so if your username is "MyUsername", then you have to use that -- "myusername" won't work.

The password is the same password you use to login to the web site.

You can use public / private keys to login via ssh. Please add your public keys to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in order to enable passwordless logins.


Sometimes, for some reason, you may not be able to login using SSH. The starting point to working out what is going wrong is to run:

ssh -v <username>

Filezilla, etc

You can also use SSH access to get files into your account using Filezilla and other similar upload tools. Details here.