Using a new domain for existing webapp

If you have a free account on PythonAnywhere, you can run a website at the domain, if your account is hosted on our US system, or at, if you're hosted on our EU system. But if you have a paid account, you can run the site on any domain that you own.

If you already have a web application up and running on PythonAnywhere and you want to point a new domain at it -- for example, if you have a site at and you want it to show up at -- there are two steps:

  • Go to the "Web" tab, and click on the pencil icon next to the web app name. Change it from to

click on the pencil icon!

This tells the PythonAnywhere system that when it receives a request for your domain, it should use your web app to respond to the request.

  • After you've done that, you'll see a new "DNS setup" section on the "Web" tab. This will have a "CNAME" value, which you'll need to use in some configuration with the company you bought the domain from. There's more information about CNAME setup here.