CherryPy on PythonAnywhere

CherryPy has its own built-in server, but that won't work well on PythonAnywhere. In order to use CherryPy, you need to make it serve through WSGI and link that up to the PythonAnywhere web-serving infrastructure. Here is a simple CherryPy application that will run well on PythonAnywhere:

  • Create a "Manually configured" web app * Edit the wsgi file so it looks something like this:
    import sys
    sys.stdout = sys.stderr
    import atexit
    import cherrypy
    cherrypy.config.update({'environment': 'embedded'})
    if cherrypy.__version__.startswith('3.0') and cherrypy.engine.state == 0:
    class Root(object):
        def index(self):
            return 'Hello World!' = True
    application = cherrypy.Application(Root(), script_name='', config=None)

to use it for your own app, just replace the Root class with your own in the script.

Note that to use cherrypy with Python3, you will need to install it first. Run pip3.6 install --user cherrypy if you are not using a virtualenv.