Disk Quota Exceeded

You can view your current disk quota and the amount used on the Files tab.

From time to time you'll find yourself looking at an error message in a console saying:

Disk quota exceeded

And wonder why? Where did all my space go?

(if you were running a script via Python, it might come in the form of an OSError)

How to find what's using up all your space

Open up a Bash console and use the du ("disk-usage") to find out how much space is being used in various places in your file storage:

du -hs /tmp ~/.[!.]* ~/* | sort -h

Cleaning up unused files

The files in /tmp/ are the most common cause of an unexpected quota max-out. It's usually safe to just delete them all:

rm -rf /tmp/*

You can also clean up any old, unused virtualenvs with rmvirtualenv my-old-venv-name.